Earrings Through The Ages

It is thought that earrings date back to 3000 BC where they originated in Asia and appeared in 2 formats, one being the simple hoop earring and the other the more elaborate pendant earring.

The oldest earrings ever found by archaeologists were discovered in royal graves in Iraq and date back to around 2500 BC. Gold, silver and bronze hoop earrings have also been found dating back to 2000 BC in Crete. In those days it was customary to bury jewellery with the dead.

In 16th century in the New Kingdom of ancient Egypt a type of earring called an earplug became fashionable and these fitted snugly into a wide stretched hole in the earlobe. This type of piercing is seen on the sculpture of Tutankhamen.
Poverty in the Dark ages meant that work with precious metals dwindled although some goldsmiths preserved designs that were to later emerge in 7th century Greece. The most popular earrings then there were the pendant type and they often featured a bird or likenesses of the gods Eros and Nike.

In the 2nd century during the Roman Empire, earrings became a popular way for rich women to show off their wealth and the use of precious gemstones in the jewellery also became more popular.

During the Middle Ages, earrings became less popular and practical due to the popularity of elaborate hairstyles and headdresses. In fact for a time it was considered immoral for respectable married woman not to have their heads covered in public.

In 16th century Italy, hairstyles changed with hair being swept away from the face leaving ears exposed although for another 100 years things stayed the same in England, Spain and France with the wearing of high collars keeping earrings out of fashion.

By the 17th century, earrings became very fashionable accessory for the well dressed lady across the whole of Europe. One of the most popular designs of those times were the very large heavy pendant type earrings called girandoles which were great favourites of Queen Victoria. These earrings required a substantial amount of precious metals and gemstones and so were very heavy, which meant that most people that wore them suffered from elongated earlobes.

Although earrings were popular with wealthy people throughout the ages, they were also popular with poorer people who adopted their own styles which were less elaborate and made from less expensive materials.

It wasn’t until the 20th century that earrings were completely revolutionised. Different fittings appeared such as screw and clip on as well as those for pierced ears and it also became the norm for women to wear earrings in the day and not just for special occasions. The 1960’s marked a massive change for the wearing of earrings when designs became completely unrestrained and it became common to see men also wearing earrings although most only usually wear one earring. Women began to collect earrings and with so many designs available the choices were endless.

Today the choice is even greater and the popularity of earrings increases with many people now having more than one set of piercings in which to display their jewellery. Modern materials such as titanium and different types of plastics have also become popular in the making of earrings because of their lightness, design possibilities and in the case of titanium because of its hypoallergenic qualities.

There is now a never ending choice of different types of earrings from modern trendy cheap and cheerful everyday earrings to the more expensive gold, silver or platinum earrings inlaid with diamonds and other precious gemstones.

The Best place To Sell Gold Jewellery For Cash

Selling gold jewellery can be like selling any other thing. It takes time, patience and a little research work. All of these three things are very important while selling gold jewellery. Its obvious that you didnt get it for free. So why sell it like that. You should try to get something near to what you paid for it.

Make a list of all the available options you have. If you are thinking of selling to a jewellery store, then might want to check out a few of them before finalising the deal with one. When you check our different stores, you will get an idea of what your gold is worth. This will help you on deciding that from where you are getting the best deal. To know the value of your gold jewellery, you can also check online.

The first available option can be the pawn shops. The one thing you need to know about them is that they make money only by selling goods and not buying. So when you are willing to sell your precious gold jewellery to them, you will never receive a good cash back. They have to buy goods at a cheaper price, so that they can sell it at a higher price. This is how their business runs and this is how they make profit. A pawn shop can be a great place to shop for old stereo sets, televisions etc. but not to sell stuff. They will price your good at the least price possible only to maximise their profit.

Another thing that you need to know here is that even in the case of emergency or financial crisis, your gold jewellery is worth alot. People will take advantage of your problem and try to exploit you. So be calm and composed. It is your personal belonging and you have full rights to sell it to someone where you are satisfied.

The jewellery stores are also good option while selling gold jewellery. If you not selling broken pieces of jewellery to them, then they will interested in buying whatever jewellery you are selling. They jewellery set should be intact. They do not go for broken pieces because they will have to spend on it to repair them, polish them etc. They will always give you good resale value for your jewellery.

The best way to get cash for your gold jewellery is to sell it online. There are several online gold buyers. So, when you are dealing with them make sure that they are not fake. Research a little before going for this. They procedure of selling gold online is mentioned on each sellers website. Follow the procedure. Many of these dealers are also gold refineries. So you get lucky and get a great amount of cash for your gold. The reason why you make good money here is that, there is middle man here.

Brilliant Baby Shower Gifts For Mum And Baby

Baby showers are becoming a massive trend in western society. They give friends and family chance to spend quality time with the mother to be before she is surrounded with dirty nappies and jars of baby food. They involve food, drink and novelty games, and of course gifts for her and baby. Most guests are divided down the middle when it comes to baby shower gifts. Half will be specifically for the baby and the other half for the mum.

You could naturally go for the age old option of clothing and accessories for the baby but bear in mind that if you dont yet know what the babys sex is, then mum is going to end up with a hell of a lot of yellow and white wear for her bundle of joy. At the rate babies grow she probably wont be able to dress him or her in all of them by the time they have grown out of them. So dont pour your money down the drain, buy gifts they can actually utilise.

As you more than likely wont know the babies sex, practical gifts are always a brilliant option. The Nap Nanny is a really handy wedge shaped sleeper for babies and mums on the go. This light weight and decorated. The elevated design aids restful sleep for babies and the raised edges provide soft spongy barriers to stop the baby from rolling over the edge. Its comfortable and easy to transport so its guaranteed to be a hit with any new mum.

A baby sleeping bag is another great way to have your baby with you on warm summer evenings outside or simply when you are just out and about. The comfortable design allows them to sleep in perfect warmth and the bags, known as Grobags, come in a range of different colours and designs. These snugly bags are so adorable and comfy that you will want an adult sized one for yourself!

A gift that will last forever and the mum will love, is a baby finger print kit. The little mould can be used to create personalised jewellery or photo frames that will last a lifetime. What could a new mum love more than a pendant necklace imprinted with their new born babys fingerprint? Mum could even have her print and babys print side by side on a silver photo frame with an engraving. Complete the picture with a photo of baby and mum and you can be sure she will treasure this gift for always.

When buying baby shower gifts for her or for baby; try to think outside the box. Consider things she may not have and that can perhaps make her life easier with a new baby. Engraved or printed gifts will last for all eternity as you can be sure they will be well preserved. So enjoy the baby shower in the knowledge that you have source a gift which is well worth its monetary value and that mum and all the guests love!

Can I Convert Normal Earrings To Clip On Earrings

Lets assume that you have received a collection of earrings with the most beautiful designs complete with precious metals and stones. Theres only one problem, you must have pierced ears to be able to wear the jewellery, which you have no intention of doing so. However, there is a solution to this problem in that you can convert these conventional earrings into clip on earrings.

So, in answer to the abovementioned question: Yes, you can convert normal earrings to clip earrings. Before doing so however, we suggest asking yourself whether you can do the conversion as a DIY project or ask for professional help lest you ruin the beauty of the earrings. In most cases, you can convert the earrings, but if you doubt your skills especially when the pieces of jewellery have precious stones, then we suggest asking for professional help just to be on the safe side.

Lets assume that you will do the conversion to clip on earrings as a DIY project. Your first step is to determine the type of earring converter that will be used in the project. Your choice will depend on two factors, namely, your personal choice in clip earrings and the type of earrings being converted (i.e., stud or chandelier).

For dangling earrings, the best clip-on converters are the ones with the small extra hoop on the front. To attach the converter on the earring, use a small pair of pliers, especially used for working with jewellery to pry open the hoop. Place the pierced earring as necessary on the converter before closing the hoop.

For a regular earring made with a post protruding at the back, the most appropriate converter is one with a small tube located on the hinged back. Take note however, that converter is only suitable for large earrings but not for small stud earrings the converter will be too big to conceal with the latter. The resulting clip on earrings after conversion must have discreet converters.

To make the conversion, slide the earrings post into the tubes top and gently bend the former forward while making sure that both are securely in place. Be sure that the front of the earring faces out.

If the abovementioned converters are not to your liking for any reason, you can use adhesive converters. You must be willing to actually remove the post from the conventional earrings and then placing the adhesive tab on the back. Just stick on the converted clip on earrings on to your skin and its job done. Beautiful ears without the piercing.

Yet another way to convert conventional earrings is to go magnetic. In this method, a magnetic clasp is placed behind the earrings so that the jewellery attaches to the earlobes via magnetic force.

So, what are you waiting for? Look for these converters to clip on earrings and enjoy your collection.

th Birthday Gift

If you know someone who has a 50th birthday party coming up, you need to make sure you are able to find the very best present for the individual. You only turn 50 once, which is why you need to locate something special for them. When you are looking for a 50th birthday gift, there are many different items available to you. These gifts can range from gags to serious. You might want to look at both kinds of gifts, so when you are checking out the 50th birthday gift, you give yourself plenty of options.

Candy Basket

You can’t go wrong with a candy basket. Who doesn’t love candy? With this product, you’re able to satisfy their sweet tooth, no matter what they are looking for or what might be best for them. With so many different varieties of candy included with the package, you know they are going to enjoy it. Plus, there is so much candy they might just go on and share it with the rest of the birthday party, including you. So if you see something you like, make sure to jump at the chance to snack on it first. You never know how quickly it is going to go. This 1962 candy basket is available directly through the Woodstock Candy website.

Aged Alcohol

If you are looking for something a bit more adult than the 50th birthday candy gift basket, you might want to consider something that is aged and in the alcohol category. It is possible to purchase something made in 1962, which will give it exceptional vintage. So whether you purchase a bottle of fine wine or whiskey, you are able to locate something that is going to work for you. Although the 50th birthday candy gift basket is a solid option, this is something they are able to enjoy slowly Chances are, they aren’t going to drink it all at once, but if they do and share it, you’ll enjoy it all right down to the last drop.


If the individual was born in 1962, you are able to find them all sorts of items. Although you don’t have to go with the candy or the alcohol, there are plenty of other options available to you. This can range form a fun “Born in 1962” shirts or just about anything else with the “50 year old” information printed on the content. So no matter what their style is, you can find something that works just for you.

You only turn 50 once, so when your friend turns 50 and there is a birthday party, you need to make sure you are able to give them the necessary present that is going to help them celebrate their birthday. No matter what they like or what kind of present you are looking at purchasing them, there is something available to you that they will love and enjoy. From candy to shirts, cake to aged alcohol, it is possible to save a good deal of money while giving them an exceptional present.

Benefits of advertising with free classified ads sites

Gone are the days when we used to follow traditional methods to advertise our business. The days of spending hours in flipping the pages of telephone books and business card folders are a thing of the past. Now the time has come when everything is done without wasting a single minute. As the World Wide Web knows the importance of a second, the online arena displays all the information on the web pages so that one can have the required details in a fraction of a second. The same is with business advertising and network building. Instead of checking the contact registers, people now resort to the Internet and finding access to all services, including free advertising online. Yes, you heard it right! It is free and easily accessible because people know the right place to look for any kind of product and services. Even you can join the gang and target global market. Do not worry because it is a chance worth taking. Marketing your business using these tools for free will bring noted results.

You can avail of free classified ads that are provided by various sites so that you can effectively be associated with the site. Once your ad is up on the free classified ads site, the visibility of the ad will depend on the traffic or number of visitors on the site. You will also be entitled to submit a description, which may be brief or extensive. Moreover, hyperlinks will be directly provided to the site, which will ensure more visibility on popular search engines. These online service providers target consumers who are subjected to purchase a particular product or service over the Internet. Through free classifieds, you are bound to get satisfactory results.

In case you belong to the realty field, you can take full advantage of real estate classifieds that will drive traffic to your site. The individual advertisement will get listed in the search results, ensuring that a number of prospective enquiry calls will be received. You will be contented with the result if your free classified ads are high due to the post on popular free advertising websites. This will prove to be the best tool for your real estate business.

Otherwise, you can also enter into a new business venture, and take help of Businesses For Sale classifieds so that you know whether it is worth investing in an existing business or starting a new business from scratch. You will find reliable business for sale information from a handful of business for sale websites. It is a great alternative to business brokers. You can save quite a big sum of money when relying upon the businesses for sale classifieds. Moreover, this medium will also help you to put your business for sale.

The free classifieds and ads will provide good quality and relevant back links to your website along with search engines rank. Once you hire the experts for free advertising, you will be able to achieve more than one goal as your products and services will get global exposure.

Are Clip On Earrings Adjustable

Are clip on earrings adjustable? Well, that depends somewhat on what make you are wearing. Clip on earrings have been around for a long time and, of course, the reason that they get made in the first place is so that people (mostly women) who want to wear earrings but who dont want to get their ears pierced can have an option for their desired jewellery. Clip ons can also be worn by people who do have their ears pierced but who want to wear particular styles of earrings, such as the dangling designs, that might elongate their pierced holes or risk tearing their ear lobes.

However, clip on earrings occasionally cause problems of their own. Clip ons have been notorious for pulling and pinching earlobes. Obviously this can cause sore ears and possibly lead to infections. However, these problems can be eradicated through adjusting the clips and most people find that their earrings feel very comfortable in the end. These days, some earring designers have taken measures to ensure that their clip ons are much more easily adjusted, so that if they are too tight the situation can be remedied. Some people dont even experience these problems in the first place after thinking that they will, so its always worth trying them out first before you make a decision on how they feel.

But, are all clip on earrings adjustable? In short, no, they arent. So if youre in the market for clip ons, how can you tell which are which?

The store or the website where youre shopping for your earrings should guarantee that their clip ons are easily adjustable and, therefore, you wont have to endure any discomfort or pinching. If the merchant is willing to put its reputation on the line, then it means that they should be selling higher quality clip on earrings.

However, you should also choose clip ons that have a good balance in their design. Even adjustable earrings that clip to the ear can still hurt if they have a lot of heaviness in their lower half, such as with long, dangling earrings. That lower half heaviness will create a pulling force that can hurt you even if your earring is not pinching. Theres no adjusting that can be done to make up for an unbalanced design. Also, select a pair of earrings that have clips in proportion to their size. Large or long earrings suspended from thin clips might cause you pain.

Once you have found a good merchant and a good design, check your choice of clip on earrings to see if there are adjustable back clips. This means the earrings have a tension back clip that is adjustable with a small screwdriver, or their clips are designed to automatically adjust to the size of the wearers earlobe. If these clips are made properly, they should be able to be adjusted to any tension, all the way from fully closed to completely open. Its easier to check this aspect in a store than online.

So, clip on earrings are adjustable, if you make a careful selection.

Would you like to Discover your Birthstone for April


Birthstones symbolize the month of birth according to the Gregorian calendar
And every month of the year has at least one different gemstone associated with it and includes both precious and semi-precious stones.

The history of birthstones

Gemstones have been worn for thousands of years as items of jewellery and beauty. Carried as wealth, as they are normally small, and easily transported or concealed. They have always been highly valued by nobility as a display of power and wealth and were given as high ranking gifts to seek favor or safety.
In respect to birthstones the history is much more recent with Scholars tracing the origins of wearing a stone related to the month of birth back to the Polish in the18Th century. Where, it was worn in silver gemstone set jewellery. But it was not until 1912 that the modern list of birthstones was published by the National Association of Jewelers in the USA. This was updated in October of 2002, with the addition of tanzanite as a birthstone for December and shown below.

January- Garnet

February- Amethyst

March- Aquamarine

April- Diamond

May- Emerald

June- Moonstone

July- Ruby

August- Peridot

September- Sapphire

October- Opal

November- Topaz or Citrine

December- Turquoise or Tanzanite

The Folklore

For over 3000 years gemstones have had their place in folklore. They were associated with many different effects on and protections for the wearer, promoting virtues and helping to avert misfortune. For many centuries people held strong beliefs in the powers of gemstones to heal, protect and ward of evil.

The poetry

Each month has a poem written for the stone of that month and were brought together in 1870 when Tiffany & Co published a pamphlet of all the 12 poems.

The birthstone for April

Diamond is the birthstone for April and is the hardest substance known to man. The name diamond is thought to originate from the Latin word “Adamas” which means unconquerable and relates to the diamonds hardness.
It is made from carbon that has been exposed to extreme pressure and temperature deep underground. Today there are over 30 diamond mines producing around 130 million carats a year at a value of around six billion pounds.

History and folklore of diamonds

Historical records show that Diamonds were used some 3000 years ago with the earliest discoveries in India. Because of their extreme hardness, it was not until some two and a half thousand years later in the 16th century that a way was found to cut and facet diamonds.

In Roman times diamonds were worn on the left arm against the skin [as it was believed they should be touching the skin] by soldiers to increase their bravery and courage in winning the battle over their enemies. Diamonds were worn on silver jewellery in the belief that they would ward against insanity, increase inner strength, give clarity to the mind and aid the building loving relationships. With health in mind, they have been said to ease illnesses of the brain, aid recovery with pituitary gland problems and as a remedy against poisoning.

The birthstone poem for April

She who from April dates her years,
Diamonds shall wear, lest bitter tears
For vain repentance flow; this stone,
Emblem of innocence, is known.

On a personal note, I think diamonds are overvalued and over rated with their popularity in modern times being gained through clever advertising. There are other gemstones in my eyes that do the job just as well and at a much lower price point. Some examples are the clear forms of Topaz, Sapphire, Goshenite [a clear form of beryl] and clear quartz. Where these stones are used in silver jewellery ether in statement pieces or as accents for other gemstones they look beautiful.
What is your view on diamonds and their price? Do you think as I do that other gemstones are just as beautiful in jewellery? Or do you think that the high price of diamonds makes them the gemstone you desire above all others?

Wear An Emerald & Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Diamonds are said to be a womans favourite jewellery and it makes one shimmer in the night. How about a piece that has diamond and emerald together? Wouldnt it be more stylish? If you are looking for top notch jewellery that will really make you look great and add up to your overall get up then you will surely love to have this emerald & diamond tennis bracelet. This is one of a kind bracelet because diamond and emerald makes it even more beautiful. With this greatly designed piece you will surely look great on any even that you are going to.

A plain get up is a little bit boring and you need to heighten the look especially if you go out for a date. For ladies, if you want to impress the guy that you like it is important that you wear something that will make them admire you. Wear something that is striking to the eyes and at the same time wear a piece of jewellery. Without an accessory you will look dull like a painting that lacks colour and style. For guys, if you are looking for something to give for your girlfriend or wife then jewellery is a best choice. It is best to give them something out of the usual like bouquet of flowers and a lot more.

Step out of your comfort zone and learn to play with your looks by using accessories and wearing elegant dresses. The emerald & diamond tennis bracelet can go along with any clothing and it can heighten up your look. There is nothing better than impressing everyone on a fine dinner or event with the way you dress yourself. Check out other jewelleries too which can go pretty well with your style and fashion sense.

Emerald & Diamond Tennis Bracelet is something that will make your dress pop out. With this bracelet you will find confidence with your hand movements. It can also attract the eyes of many when the light strikes upon it. Do not be afraid in making your attire look daring and using accessories.

Ethnic Indian Jewellery And Fashion Jewellery

Ask any Indian girl, how life would be without Jewellery and she would look at you with surprise. Irrespective of class and social status, Jewellery makes an inseparable part of an Indian Girl. Jewellery has been in Indian soil, not from today, but from ages. Rajasthani havelis, Mughal paintings, South Indian weddings all speak of importance of Jewellery. Ethnic Indian, classical or fashion Jewellery, they are the first things which come in mind when it comes to Indian traditions.

Just as Indian traditions have changed, so has the Indian Jewellery; but, before we know about the changes time has brought in the trends of Indian Jewellery, we must know about the Ethnic Indian Jewellery. Indian Jewellery in its many forms Kundankari, Meenakari, studded, Oddiyanam, Vanki, Jadau, Lac, Navratna, Pachchikam, Filigree, Bead there are many forms of Indian Jewellery. But, all of these come under the category of Traditional Indian Jewellery. Today, this kind of Jewellery can be found either in the palaces of Kings and Queens, old paintings, exhibits of ethnic jewelry or with the people who love this kind of ornaments.

With the changing times, the trends of jewelry also changed. These days fashion Jewellery is more preferred. Quite popular in this line are the cut out and embedded diamond, silver and gold Jewellery. Complex or simple, fashion jewellery is the word of the day. Fashion Jewelery, as compared to traditional jewelery is very light to wear and has designs which are global. Light and elegant, it goes with the modern dressing sense and hence is more popular.

If you look for Indian Jewellery, you will find a host of variety. Some of jewelers shops still prefer the traditional Indian Jewellery to display in their showcases some prefer a mix of both and some go for fashion jewellery. You can choose from a variety of them earrings, rings, bangles, tops, pendants, necklaces, nose pins, bracelets, brooches, cameos, sets, as per your choice.

Jewellery making is an art. Each piece which is made is crafted out with well balanced hands. So whether you but from a jewellery shop or an online shopping market, it does not make much difference. Shopping from a online shopping market gives you a better range with discounts added which generally are not given by jewelers. You can order sitting at home and have it at your doorstep; this saves your time too. With the added advantage of Pay at Home once you see the jewellery things become easier.