Handmade fashion jewellery in unusual and unique designs.

When designing a piece of handmade jewellery in the latest fashion the designer can let their imagination fly and create unique jewellery designs in bright and beautiful colours. The materials that are used in these designs can go from acrylics to semi-precious stones.

Gone are the days when we only wear handmade jewellery for special occasions and these pieces are traditional and crafted from precious metals like gold and silver set with precious stones. Today fashion jewellery is created in unique jewellery designs from many different materials. One of the things that are very popular at the moment is acrylics as these can be made into any shape or any colour and they can come opaque or translucent. Acrylic can be used to make beads in any size, any colour and any shape and they can be made into any shape so these acrylic shapes can make fun and funky earrings, bracelets and necklaces. These acrylic beads and shapes let the designers imagination create unique jewellery designs that are limitless.

Wood is one of the natural materials that can be used to make these pieces of fun and fashionable handmade jewellery. These can be in there natural colours where the wood is only polished so that the natural beauty shows through inspiring the designer in there unusual designs. The wood can be made into beads and these can be left plain or they can be painted bright colours and some of these will have designs painted on them and these can be anything from geometrical to flowers or animals. Mixing the painted designs with the plain colours can produce some unusual jewellery designs with earrings, necklaces and bracelet jewellery in all the latest fashion designs. You can use these pieces of bright handmade fashion jewellery to brighten up a dull outfit or bring a little bit of colour to a dull day.

Glass beads and pendants are another bright material that can be used to create bright and funky handmade jewellery. Glass beads can be mass produced in any colour, size of shape so that they can be used cheaply to create this lovely unique jewellery designs. Strings of bright beads in different lengths can all be worn together to create an unusual Bo Ho look. Earrings in every length and every colour so you can wear a different pair every day, bracelet jewellery in solid designs and bracelets that have been beaded on to elastic so that they will fit any wrist size.

Ceramic beads are also available in many bright colours and these have been used for centuries to create original pieces of handmade jewellery. You can find mass produced ceramic beads and also handmade ceramic beads and many of these have very pretty designs pained on them and this means that a single bead can make a beautiful pair of earrings. Unique pieces of jewellery can be created from pendants that are made from ceramics and the colours and the designs of these can be stunning. Many unique and original affects are achieved by the artist with glazes of bright colours on the ceramic pendants. These pendants can be hung on chains or pieces of leather and for more delicate designs pieces of ribbons can look very pretty.

When it comes to creating unique pieces of fashion jewellery it does not make a difference what material it is made from and the brighter the better. You can even make a piece of jewellery by platting coloured ribbons, by stringing shells onto thread or using recycled jewellery to create new. Earrings can be made from buttons, bracelet jewellery from leather, necklaces from beads made from paper. Whatever the material the design has to be bright and beautiful and fun to wear and it has to make a unique fashion statement.

New Hero Honda Cbz Xtreme Self Start

With the Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme self start you are in for a great surprise, what with the great youthful colors to sport with and a perfect stylish bike for the city commuter. Now drive in style with your own Hero Honda CBZ which is a self start. You will find the bike to be of a reasonable price and will definitely appeal to the youth of today for its neat look and acceleration and the great rev-up.

All the Hero Honda bikes are a great to own and give you the desired performance with more than you expected. People buy bikes from the Hero Honda as they never fail to fulfill the demands of its consumers. The Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme is one such bike that has a complete new design. The bike has great back light and frot light indicatiors and merges well with the main lights which give an excellent overall effect. The body part joins well to the tank from the tail lights and is properly contoured. You will also find the bikes handle give a totally unique look to the CBZ Xtreme. The silencer is also a new and improved version.

The Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme self start performs well as expected. The engine of this bike is a 149.cc. it has definitely improved from the older version of the CBZ. Buy bikes that give better mileage like the Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme. On the dash board you will find 3 dial, one is the rpm indicator, the second is the speedometer the third is the fuel indicator. The colors that you will find in the CBZ Xtreme are candy blazing red, vibrant blue metallic, sports red, boon silver metallic and black. You can have your own choice.

In fact the CBZ series has a long time good name in the market and so its brand name is sufficient for any consumer to buy the bike. The most unique thing about the bike is of course the rear grip bars and the indicator lights, as there is no other bike with such great features in the country. The Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme self start is a 4-stroke air cooled single cylinder engine producing 14.4 BHP at 8500 rpm. The bike has an efficient self start that instantly powers up the engine. It makes low noise and has great stability and fabulous turning ability. Fuel economy is 50 kmpl and the fuel capacity is 12.3 litre.

Reward Points On Credit Cards A Perfect Enjoyment

Credit card companies offer varying benefits and promotions to entice their customers to use their credit cards not only in their everyday purchases but also for major buying decisions. One of the promotions that credit card companies have is the rewarding of points to their users for every purchase that they make.

Credit card holders are often enjoy reward points raining on them. Frequent festive seasons always induce the card holders to enjoy shopping with reward points. Todays customers are debt-shy and they spend like anything. They enjoy earning reward points while spending. Credit cards are heavily loaded with reward points give the opportunity to enjoy holidays at exotic locales, shop for jewellery, fashion accessories, apparel, electronic equipment, cosmetics, etc. Banks have a penchant for giving a reward with their left hand, and simultaneously charging for it with their right hand. Card holders must be aware of a host of complicated rules and regulations before letting themselves be swayed away by these so-called lucrative offers. To begin with, banks do not conform to a uniform set of reward point schedules. For instance, while in case of American Express Bank, card members receive one point for every Rs 40 charged on their credit card, ABN Amro Bank credits one point to the customer for every Rs 50 spent. Standard Chartered credits one point for every Rs 125, whereas Citibank rewards you one point for every Rs 100 spent. Private sector ICICI Bank awards you one reward point for every Rs 200 charged on their card. Also, ICICI Bank links the reward points to the slabs of amounts spent, i.e. upto Rs 75,000 or above Rs 4,00,000. The main hitch here is that redemption of reward points is only after accumulation of minimum required points of 500.

This apart, banks also follow a pattern wherein they credit varying amounts on every point earned, depending upon the card categories. Citibank rewards cardholders Re 1 for every point earned on the Citibank Platinum Card, while the Diners’ Club International and Citibank Gold cardholders receive only Rs 0.65 for every point gathered. The Citibank Silver cardholders on the other hand get Re 0.50 for every point they manage to accumulate. The difference in redemption structures also creep in, based on the outlets offering you redemption facilities.
Whereas to avail of vouchers, redeemable at Zodiac, Wrangler, Arrow or Titan, you should have accumulated a minimum of 500 points. Being a cardholder, it is mandatory to find out the cash transactions that curtail your eligibility to these programmes. Most banks restrict their customers from treating cash withdrawals, interest charges, card fees, demand drafts, service charge transactions, disputed transactions, purchase of foreign exchange, EMI transactions, travelers cheques and other insurance charges as opportunities to accumulate reward points. The rewards points can also be redeemed online by logging in to the concerned bank’s Web site and visit the “Reward Points” section on the credit card page. To web-enable the credit card, fill up the account linking form available on the site. Select the rewards catalogue for the card and accordingly, choose the products or vouchers for which an online order has to be placed. The product or the voucher is then delivered at doorstep.

Card-issuing banks offer cardholders the facility to seek an annual fee waiver, by adjusting the amount against the reward points. One also should check on the available timeframe within which cardholders need to redeem their points. Cardholders cannot exercise redemption rights on expired or delinquent cards. A frequent traveler credit card rewards system for example, a card user who purchases groceries, gas or technically his daily purchases, may have an equal travel reward points awarded to him for every dollar he spends on his regular purchases. On the other hand, should he ever buy plane tickets from an airline company co-sponsoring the credit card hes using, the reward points that he may earn may be higher as this is also one way to help promote the airline companys latest promotions or travel packages.

Learning The Difference Between Sterling And Britannia Silver

Overview of Sterling Silver

Fine, or pure silver is often too soft to produce functional silverware items, so the metal is usually combined with another (often copper, although other metals are used) to give it strength while preserving the natural beauty of the metal.
Sterling silver is an alloy of silver containing 92.5% by mass of silver and 7.5% by mass of other metals. You will find sterling silver can be identified as it will have the numbers 925 stamped onto it to show the 92.5% purity value.
History of Silver

It is often difficult to locate where Sterling silver began, however it is thought that around 3100BC ambassadors from Crete bought gifts such as sterling silver vases to give to the pharaohs of Egypt. So from the early days of history silver was used to make ornamental and functional pieces; including vases, cups and jewellery.
Popular Silverware

One of the popular and functional items of silverware to be produced are silver tea sets and tea services. Such tea sets date back to the Ming Dynasty 1368-1644AD. In the late 1600’s tea became more readily available to Europe, however tea sets where not introduced until 1700’s. People had then started to add milk and sugar to tea hence the use of a full tea set. The tea set then comprised of a teapot, sugar bowl and cream jug (creamer) became available when the price of tea reduced to make this a more affordable drink , and made it available to the masses.

Britannia Silver

As you may already be aware one of the most popular and more collectable types of silver is English Sterling. There other silver standards out there which silversmiths can create their wonderful silverware from, one of which is Britannia silver.
Introduced by parliament back in 1697 Britannia silver (95.84% – Britannia silver is a combined of 958 parts pure silver and 42 parts copper) was introduced to be the standard that actually replaced sterling silver (92.5%) as the mandatory standard for items of wrought plate. The decision to do this was made as many people were melting sterling silver coinage and making silverware so this new, higher standard was brought in to counter act this.

Hallmarking of Britannia Silver

The change to this higher standard also meant a change in hallmarking to represent these Britannia silver items. To denote Britannia silver the lion passant, (which denotes sterling silver) was replaced by the seated figure of a lady, known as Britannia holding an oval shield, which denotes silver of this standard. This is often accompanied by the lion erased (profile of lions head) which substituted the crowned leopard head.

1999 saw another change in hallmarking, and Britannia silver is now denoted with the superior fineness mark of 958 with the option to also use the Britannia icon.

The decline in Britannia silver

Silversmiths didn’t seem to be too happy with the introduction of this new silver and lobbied to get sterling silver re introduced. Britannia silver was more expensive, slightly softer and less robust. The silversmiths won and sterling silver was re-introduced on 1st June 1720. Britannia didn’t fade away however and has remained as an alternative to sterling silver for silvermiths.

Many silversmiths still used Britannia silver to make some impressive pieces favouring this higher purity silver material to sterling silver. It is often difficult to find good quality, old Britannia marked silver pieces, due to this they are rare and collectible, the also therefore command a slightly higher price.
When buying silver there are a lot of things to consider such as, which type of silver teapots to collect. This is why it is always important to purchase your antique silver pieces from a professional and registered silver dealer.

Different Body Jewellery Items Advantages And Disadvantages

Jewellery has become the most demanding and loveable item. Big numbers of jewellery shops are opened nowadays. Its increasing demand let the people feel the need to open jewellery shops in streets. It may be said that it is now being sold door to door because when we left one street and just enter in to the second, we can see little shops that have all necessary variety of jewellery. Jewellery items for all body parts are now extensively manufactured in artificial, steel and in other precious metals too. Both men and women love to buy jewellery. Body jewellery is becoming most popular item amongst all. The reason behind its popularity and vast scale purchasing is that it is extremely fashionable and loved by youngsters. It is available in large variety. Most common types are lip, nose, belly, eyebrow rings etc. To use this kind of items people need to pierce their body section.

Generally body jewellery is worn on belly and known as belly bars. Different belly bars are available in different designs, quality and value. Some belly bars are often made with pure gold. Many body bars contain gems like cubic zirconia. This gem is used to wear buy young women because these are very beautiful and affordable. These are also made with stainless steel that really sparkles and looks cool on low ages. These are also available in intimated animal designs that are very cute and liked most.

Eyebrow rings have also become popular and only used by youngsters. Some wears two and some wears three at the end of eyebrow. These rings are available in many precious and semi precious stones and as well settled with worthy gems. Usually it is the most recent trend of western countries.

Nose rings are the traditional items and were used in ancient times. Egyptians used to wear it. Especially the queens and princesses use these rings to adorn themselves. In the beginning these were too big in size and become smaller as the time passed. Then it was worn in old African cultures and in Asian cultures too. Today these are traditionally worn by both cultures. Then westerns inspired and now used to wear this by few modifications and alterations.

Earrings are also the part of body jewellery. As we know it is also an old cultured item and still used nowadays just like nose rings. Many beautiful designs with different metals and gems are now available. Because of the modernity of time the earrings have become so light weighted that no one feel their weight while wearing it and are so thin, near to the thickness of a page.

Two more items that are newly introduced are tongue rings and lip rings. Tongue rings are worn right in the middle of tongue that needs to pierce it. And lip ring are also worn in the center of lower lip where a cut is appear. Mostly these rings are available in stainless steel because it remains inside the mouth that cannot damage its color. For instance if a ring made with gold is used that may fade its color due to the food that chewed inside may tangle with it and hygienic food can create reaction with gold, which may infect the whole mouth.

The only drawback of these items is that you must have to pierce your body parts otherwise you cannot wear them.

Mannequin Jewellery Stand

Mannequin jewellery stand is hip and chic jewellery stand. As girls love to buy jewellery and they collect variety of jewellery for themselves and thats why they need jewellery stand to hang their variety of jewellery to secure them. mannequin jewellery stand is a perfect and unique jewellery stand for necklace, bracelet and earrings of any size. It gives a charming and delightful display to your jewellery mannequin jewellery stand is a beautiful and affordable jewellery stand to store your personal jewellery in order to ensure that your all jewellry do not get lost and store them properly. You can not have them all tangled up in a jewellry box because it will become very difficult to find your favorite one when you are going outside. A mannequin jewellery stand will help you to organize your jewellery and keep them safe. A lot of people keep their jewellry in a drawer which entangles the pieces and damages their jewellery. Just go for a simpler way to store your jewellery by using a mannequin jewellery stand where you can individually store your each jewellery piece.
Variety Of Mannequin Jewellery Stand:

Mannequin jewellery stand is available in different styles and unique designs. They are approximately in every color. Due to its variety in colors these jewellery stands are high in demand because they give a charming look not only to your jewellery but also to your room where you place it. They consist of number of arms mostly 5-6 arms to hold your jewellery. Its arms are also of different sizes and are perfect for displaying rings, necklace and bracelets. They are also available in different sizes like 16 cm, 25 cm and 35 cm etc.
How To Get Mannequin Jewellery Stand:

You can buy mannequin jewellery stand from internet where you get a wide variety of these stands. It is quick and easy methods to buy your desired one. Just select the jewellery stand which is according to your style and need and add it to cart
Another option to get the best mannequin jewellery stand is the professional stand makers. You can purchase a good jewellery stand form the professionals who are master of their art. These professionals will not only provide you the required designs of mannequin jewellery stand but will also give you the helpful and convenient suggestions about different suitable designs and styles
Mannequin Jewellery Stand

Opting for Wholesale Jewellery Display

You could be one of those who love to collect jewelry pieces. If not, youre engaged in such a business. Either way, you need to have a good jewellery display. Sad to say, they can be pretty expensive, especially if you decide to buy them individually. So why dont you opt for a wholesale instead? For that, you can take advantage of the following benefits:

They are a lot cheaper. To buy jewellery display will cost you less than to purchase them one by one. This is because the cost of individual and wholesale boxes is completely different. You can perhaps purchase a single box for $2, but you can buy 50 of them in one fell swoop for $1.50 each. In this scenario, you are able to save $25 for your transactions.

They may even come for free. There are some companies that are willing to give away jewellery display without a cost if you just decide to purchase wholesale jewellery. The good news is that there are so many options that you can pick. You can settle for wholesale fashion jewellery, wholesale body jewellery, wholesale silver jewellery, or wholesale costume jewellery.

This simply means that you dont have to feel limited on the types of displays that you can use for your fabulous pieces. Though the designs may be somewhat restricted, you can be more varied when it comes to the sizes and colors of your displays.

You can definitely save on shipping. There are a number of stores that offer you cheap jewellery display. The problem is that the amount that you have to pay tends to increase once the shipping costs are calculated. There are two reasons for this. First, you cannot take advantage of free shipping, which is offered by a number of sellers if you decide to buy in bulk. Second, the cost of shipping will have to be absorbed by a limited number of items.

For instance, if the shipping costs you $30 and you only have 10 boxes, it means that $3 will have to be added to the original cost of every box. Consider the difference when you buy, say, 30 boxes. It will appear that you paid just a dollar for every box shipped.

There are discounts. Several companies are willing to offer discounts to those who decide to buy wholesale jewellery display from them. The percentage can differ, though, but the most important thing is that you can reduce how much you pay for the goods.

You can earn more profit. If youre planning to sell your jewellery display in your area, then you can surely realize higher profit if the items are purchased in bulk. As mentioned earlier, you can get discounts and/or cheaper shipping for the products. In the end the total acquisition cost is not going to be as huge as those of your competitors, who may be buying the same products but not at wholesale prices.

You can also be more flexible when it comes to your prices and even extend discounts or rebates to your customers.

Great Reasons to Collect Toys

Toy collecting has been around for centuries, and has become a very profitable business. Beginner toy
collectors were greatly into cars and dolls. Today, however, nearly every toy and figurine is collected, as
each has its own unique value, and will continue to soar in profit as the toy grows old.

If you are new to toy collecting, then there is much to know. There are a number of toys to collect, to
start. Obviously, you cannot afford to go around purchasing and collecting each toy that comes on the
market. Therefore, you will likely choose a series in which there are different toys and characters in the

Among the most popular toys to collect are DC Universe Classics, Todd MacFarlane’s toys, Marvel
Legends, marvel Universe, Star Wars, Transformers and G. I. Joes. When you are first starting out,
choose one or two toys lines. This way, you will have the funds to establish a good collection as the new
toys in the line come out.

There is a terminology among collectors that you should also be aware of and it simply is:

LOC – loose on card. What this means is that the package which contains the toy or figurine has been
opened but the object was never removed.

MB – mint in box. Mint in box pretty much stands for itself, and simply means that the item has never
been removed from the box and is in perfect condition.

MOC – mint on card. This too, means that the item has never been removed from packaging.

HTF – hard to find. HTF items are rare toys and figurines, and difficult to get a hold of.

BOTO – buy one, take one. This simply means buy one get one free.

Loose – loose means that the item is out of the box and likely has been played with.

GB – group buy. This refers to multiple figures being sold as a set.

Butaw – Butaw refers to items that do not sell well.

Sculpt – sculpt refers to the actual mold and look of each individual piece of the toy.

Toy collecting doesn’t have to mean that you search in the past, and start to collect a toy collection
that already has value. It simply means choosing one or two lines of toys and begin purchasing the
characters and toys in the line. There are many toys such as Smurfs and shining knights and so on.

When beginning your collection, the best source you have is an online toy store that sells many different
toy lines and figurines. This will provide you with a direct dealer for your toy collection. There is also
the advantage of, when you buy online, you are cutting through the expense of the company’s overhead
and staff, therefore you are being presented with a discount. The difference between purchasing on
the net and through a land store is often at least 10% or more in the land store. Collectors can save a
tremendous amount when purchasing their toy collectibles through an online toy store.

The Basics Of Men’s Autumn Fashion

With spring and summer seasons finally coming to an end, combined with the autumn and winter months now well and truly amongst us. Its important to re-think your wardrobe and prepare for the autumn/winter collections. T-shirts and shorts are no longer required and warm clothes such as knit jumpers, leather jackets and jeans now becoming the staple of our clothing choices. With the combination of new colours and styles.

The previous years of mens fashion, particularly during the winter months, were predominantly focussed on dark colours. With black or navy knitted jumpers or jackets at the forefront. But in 2012 there is a large change. With colours being used to emphasise individuality and also style. Not to mention the come back of the leather bomber jacket. This type of jacket has made an alarming comeback with large appeal throughout fashion shows. Being a large testament to time, with its iconic look the leather bomber jacket, and leather jackets in general, are a men’s staple autumn/fashion item. The bomber jacket has high versatility and their usual cropped length, combined with an increased selection of colours help sets itself apart from any other piece of clothing.

Assisting the leather bomber jacket this season is the increased focus on military apparel. From aviator sunglasses to trench coats combined with the key green and khaki colours. So expect to see a high number of military inspired designs this autumn and winter. This includes fashion items with embellishments and embroidered epaulettes, helping make each fashion piece stand out. But lets not forget the current demand, especially for those in the UK, for outerwear. From lightweight jackets to leather jackets and heavy wool trench coats.

Moving from the heavy leathers and military inspired designs, lets view the lighter but highly essential fashion items this season. Such as the other staple knitwear. Jumpers are simple and attractive and more importantly warm. Featuring simple but classic colours and a variety of ribbed and cable stitching. Also, consider adding cardigans to your wardrobe this winter, as these not only provide another thick layering during the colder months but also help compliment stripe and plaid shirts. Helping provide individuality and colour into an often dull and colourless outfit.

Finally, lets focus on blazers, which are often underrated and overlooked. For example tweed blazers are an ideal layer to help fight against the cold. Although many consider the blazer as formal wear, that can only be worn at special occasion. In fact its versatility during summer and winter months is again over looked. The elegance and warmth it provides is unmatched, with its casual appeal becoming more present. For example, layering a blazer with many of the current fashionable mens t-shirts, and jeans with brogues is a smart and casual appearance, but also with a hint of elegance.

Consider all of these top fashion tips this autumn and winter, and learn to escape the cold whilst remaining fashionable and keeping up with the current trends. The key is to remember to always try going out of your comfort zone. It is by doing this new styles and unexpected clothing will become visible and increase your outlook and options.

What To Buy Your Boyfriend For His Birthday

Numerous spouses find it hard to get their partner a perfect birthday gift. Below are a few ideas for your spouses present.

Buy him his most loved aftershave. Unless you already know, ask your boyfriend what his best loved aftershave is. Do not make it obvious that you are acquiring him aftershave for his special day. Just have a casual chat about perfumes, aftershaves and bath cream] products in general and just discreetly ask him what his most favourite aftershave is. Once you know what his favourite aftershave is, get a massive bottle of it for his birthday.

Purchase your loved one a ticket to drive his most loved car. Red letter days offer great events for his birthday. Many men would secretly like to drive a fast car around a race track and pretend they are Jenson Button. Red letter days and similar companies offer birthday occasions such as driving an Audi R8 or other fast car around the racetrack.

Buy your loved one a wrist watch or other piece of jewellery that he wants. Add a more personalised touch to the watch or jewellery piece and have your guys initials engraved on it. Many jewellery stores that sell watches also offer an engraving service.

Get him some tickets to his most loved sporting match. Only you will know what sport your souse loves. Most guys are into football. Try and purchase tickets for his most loved football teams event. If you cannot acquire these tickets (for instance if your man is a Chelsea supporter), they may be hard to obtain why not buy tickets for another sporting event such as Motor racing. Buy tickets for the two of you, and have a great day out together.

Obtain him his most loved DVD box collection. What is your boyfriends best loved Cable show? Top Gear? CSI? Flash Forward? House? Surprise him a DVD box collection of the latest series of his favourite show.

Alcohol is also superb birthdays present (unless hes tee total) but you dont want to get just cheap alcohol. Getting a crate of beer is not a great birthday present. Find out what your boyfriends best loved sherry, champagne or spirit drink is. Buy a good quality bottle especially for his birthday.

Buy him his most liked designer name polo shirt. Make sure that you know his right size measurements as you dont want to purchase a clothing item that is too big.

Take your boyfriend out for a food and drinks at his best loved restaurant. Reserve a table for the two of you at his most liked restaurant. Whether he likes Chinese, spice food, Thai, Grill, Mexican, Spanish or another food types, its his birthday and you should take him somewhere nice.

Get yourself a new hot lingerie set and you can be his birthday present he will never forget! Purchase a sexy lingerie set and complete the look with knee high stockings and garter belt. Celebrate his birthday together with a night of hot passion! Why not try a something new like a white satin corset. Males like to see their lover dressed in a hot corset. Or why not entice him in racy romper lingerie set. Browse online for your sexy lingerie sets.