Rfid Jewellery Management Kit To Shorten Jewellery Inventory Cycle

DAILY RFID has released RFID Jewellery Management Kit to meet the requirements of jewelry inventory management. With this kit, you can easily deploy the RFID jewellery management solution with quick inventory checks, which combines long reading range and simultaneous reading abilities.

The RFID Jewellery Management Kit provides an easy method to deploy the Jewellery tracking system. Each kit contains a HF RFID reader DL810, Antenna DL810, RFID jewelry tags, Reader Software and Dynamic Link Library. The HF reader with integrated antenna can automatically read and write tags one by one. And the RFID tag can be written in all sorts of product data like type, brand, weight, cost, price and other information desired by the business.

The multiple identification detection system shortens jewellery inventory cycle time. It has a read range of 60 to 90 cm. And the RFID ISO 15693 compliant jewellery management system uses advanced anti-collision algorithm to enable tag processing speed up to 50 pieces per second.

By using RFID technology, DAILYs RFID jewellery management kit offers unique possibilities to the challenges facing the jewelry industry. It is specially designed for automatic jewelry tracking in real time. With solutions built, jewelry items can be monitored in real time to guard against theft and accidental misplaced.

Please visit http://www.rfid-in-china.com/2009-02-05/products_detail_2212.html for more information about RFID Kit for Jewellery Management system.


DAILY RFID CO., LIMITED ( http://www.rfid-in-china.com ), which belongs to PAN Group Co., ltd, is the leading company focusing on the research and development of EPC & RFID technology in China.

DAILY RFID specialize in producing arguably the world’s most extensive line of RFID Tag, RFID Label, Smart Card and RFID Reader, which are suitable for any vertical markets, and have obtained the National Integrated Circuit Card Register Certificate, IC Card Manufacture License and ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification. Also, we own a factory covering an area of 26,000 square meters.

DAILY’s products are designed and manufactured with recognized industry standards relevant to RFID and its markets but most notably for use in the demanding environments to recognize and understand your business’s RFID needs.

Unusual handmade jewellery to wear with your little black dress.

The holiday season is nearly upon us and the fashion divas out there will be looking for unique and unusual pieces of handmade jewellery to accessorise there stylish little black dress. Crystal chandelier earrings, sparkly jewellery sets and stunning bracelets will all be on her shopping list for these seasons purchases.

Gold is very popular this season with the fashion designers so adding pieces of gold coloured handmade jewellery to your little black dress will make it these seasons must have. This could be by wearing gold chains in layers. Not just different lengths but different thicknesses of chain can add a stylish and very fashionable look. A plain collar necklace can make a real statement as can a large cuff bracelet that can be seen worn on all the catwalks this season. A simple large pair of hoop earrings in gold can be enough to add glamour and elegance to your little black dress.

You may want to add colour to your outfit and red is always good in the fashion season as it adds warmth and bright colour in this dull season. Red and black always look good together looking dramatic and vibrant and always look good worn at parties. A long string of bright red glass beads could be one option or a neat necklace that has been crafted from bright red coral mixed with black crystal beads will look amazing. Your choice of unusual handmade jewellery could be a simple gold chain that has a garnet or red jade pendant. A long pair of chandelier earrings that are made from bright red crystals worn with a bracelet beaded from the same red crystal beads can make you stand out in a crowd. Or you could go for a stunning silver collar that has been set with cabochons of red glass beads and this can be a real statement piece of handmade jewellery.

Purple is also fashionable this season so if you are looking to wear a piece of unusual jewellery crafted from semi-precious beads then you need to be looking for a piece of handmade jewellery that has been crafted from the stunning natural stone of Amethyst. This stone looks beautiful when set in sterling silver and also when it is mixed with black onyx as this compliments this beautiful purple stone.

Black on black can look stunning and if you look for piece of handmade jewellery crafted from a black stone you have Black Onyx, Jet, Crystal, Rainbow Obsidian and many others to choose from. All these natural stones make beautiful pieces of unusual jewellery. Sterling silver and gold jewellery designs that are set with highly polished Black Onyx or Jet beads can look elegant and stylish with that simple black dress. If you would like to keep the look a little simpler you could just decide to wear a simple jewellery set or matching earrings and necklace made from sparkly black crystal beads.

You do not have to add jewellery that has been handmade from stones to your outfit you can always choose unusual jewellery that has been crafted from freshwater pearls. Pearls never date and always look stylish. You are able to find designs with natural freshwater pearls and cheaper cultured pearls. If both of these are out of your price range then you can find many pieces of handmade jewellery that are made from glass pearls. As with the gold chain necklaces you can wear layers of pearl necklaces in different lengths and different sized beads and these have been a stylish statement since Coco Chanel started the fashion. You may not feel that this style is the one for you so maybe a jewellery set of a short necklace and matching earrings is what you are looking for. Pearls always look beautiful when worn with something simple like a little black dress.

How to Make Money Online with eBay

Every day hundreds of millions of people shop on eBay. In fact, eBay has recently announced that it currently has 84 million active users worldwide. An eBay business is easy to start and does not take a lot of money to get up and running. You can immediately start by selling the old items that you no longer want and slowly buy and sell other items.

Making money online in the past require you to have your own website and some marketing savvy. But a new generation of dotcoms have arisen that will pay you for what you know and who you know without you having to be a web designer or a marketing genius. One of the easy way is to start making money online by taking advantage of eBay facilities. Visit track2glory.com to learn how to set up your online business on eBay.

If you have any stuff that you no longer want to keep, then why not sell it on eBay. You can make a lot of money selling items on eBay. Some ebayers have been so successful selling items on eBay that they have long been able to quit their day jobs.

The first thing you have to do before you can sell on eBay is to create an eBay account. Remember it’s FREE and fairly simple to complete. Learn how to do it at track2glory.com, where we share the useful tips and guides from our own personal experience as we venture into eBay business.

Look around your house. Find something you don’t want any more, and put
it on eBay for sale. By starting out with something you have that you no longer want or need, you don’t have anything tied up in a product that may not sell. And, you have the
luxury of ‘testing’ a couple of different ad approaches without spending tons of money as in a brick-and-mortar business.

It’s EASY. You don’t have to buy anything until you’ve tested the waters to discover if eBay is really for you.

Where To Find Costume Jewellery

All women and even some men love jewellery and nothing makes a better gift. The question always seems to be how much to spend and what costume jewellery is worth.

We have all seen the dollar store trinkets that more resemble something a child would want to wear. These are very cheap and usually made of plastic or cheap metal and clearly fake. No jewel thief would ever make the mistake of stealing these items. As matter of fact, most children could tell you that they are costume jewellery, especially if they have seen a lot of good jewellery.

Next you have the stuff that might look real from a distance but will still probably turn your skin orange or green. Gifts like this fall under the category of it’s the though that counts and sweet. This is not something you should try to pass off as real especially with a girlfriend. This is a gift well suited to a teenager who may only where it a few times anyway.

Some costume jewellery may actually look quite real and cost almost as much as the genuine article. This is usually gold plated and includes semi precious stones. Some may be silver. I don’t think it is worth the price you will likely pay for it. Of course that may all depend on why you are buying it to begin with. If it is for a gift them it may fool some until they take it to be appraised and then it could be quite a shock.

You can find costume jewellery just about anywhere and for any price you care to pay. Personally if I were going to spend several hundred dollars on a piece of jewellery I would go with a small piece and invest in the real thing. Most women would appreciate this more than something that looks good on the outside but is fake on the inside.

Of course there are other reasons to buy costume jewellery. One reason is in case it is stolen or to prevent it form being stolen. Most people who are looking for an easy buck won’t both much with costume jewellery unless they think it is real because there really isn’t any money to be made with it. Another reason is if you are afraid of losing it. If you fear losing it then you may want to go with the slightly cheaper costume jewellery to save a bit of money if it needs to be replaced. Of course some people may just want the jewellery for show which is fine as well.

You can find costume jewellery in abundance on EBay or in any discount store. Wal-mart has some nice pieces that don’t cost a whole lot. Of course there are many sites on the internet that sell costume jewellery as well, including some that sell if specifically for things like weddings and proms.

What ever your reason for wanting to buy costume jewellery and no matter the price range you are sure to find something to fit your needs. For the simple to the extravagant costume jewellery is available just about anywhere.

Bridal Jewellery To Suit Different Necklines

The jewellery worn by a bride on her wedding should be as unique as she is. Bridal jewellery plays an extremely important role in accentuating your look for the day. Many women consider an entire set of bridal Indian jewellery as the perfect accessories to match their wedding attire. What makes bridal jewellery sets all the more unique is that they carry with them the memories of your special day. For each piece of jewellery, one should not miss the neckline of the dress you are choosing to wear. Indian attire have different variety of neck designs for salwar kameez, churidar suits, lehenga choli, bollywood inspired blouses to pair with a saree, the bride should never ignore this major criteria before selecting her bridal jewellery.
Nowadays, brides have ample options when it comes to Indian jwellery designs and patterns. One can opt for especially custom made pieces or buy it from a jeweler. Huge traffic of online stores and designers act as a huge variety of resource for women to pick their best bridal jewellery collection. Bridal jewellery is mostly crafted in gold, but with growing awareness of fashion and trends, brides today want everything exclusively designed for the d-day. These days, bridal jewellery is created of gold, white gold, platinum, imitation or silver and adorned with expensive and beautiful stones, beads and diamonds.

In order to accessorize a designer sari, chridar suits or lehenga choli to perfection it is important to have matching Indian jewellery which will accentuate the look of the attire. Jewellery collections differ in colors, pattern and designs in order to go in sync with different ceremonies and attire. One of the pieces of ornaments that play a significant role in completing the look of a bride is a necklace. The selection of an appropriate necklace is based on the neck designs for salwar kameez, churidar suits, lehenga choli and sari-blouse. The bride should never make the mistake of buying her bridal Indian jewellery before finalizing her bridal attire.

Bridal jewellery includes bracelets, necklaces, earrings, bridal hair accessories, armbands, anklets and nose rings. Get a selection to try on with your bridal attire, keep in mind the minute detailings like color and pattern of stones and embroidery that accentuates her wedding dress. Sometimes choosing the assortment of matching accessories for the bridal attire seems very challenging. The design or style of the jewellery plays a central role but one must ensure that there is consistency between the individual pieces of the bridal jewellery set. Always, keep in mind that the jewellery assortment should not overpower or understate the wedding attire; rather, it should accentuate it.

There are actually many classifications for necklace jeweleries. As discussed above the dress and necklace combination needs special attention. Various neck designs for salwar kameez, choli blouse with lehenga, churidar suits and sari blouse should be in sync with the type of necklaces. V-necks usually look best with drop or pendant styles and if your blouse has a round neckline, it will look best with a simple round kundan necklace or choker. Square necklines usually work with all types of necklace. Pair the necklace with matching earrings for a timeless look. A wedding dress with scoop, jewel, and halter style or sweetheart neck design will work well with all kind of necklaces. Strapless and sweetheart necklines can be beautifully paired with simple styles of necklaces and a stunning pair of chandelier earrings.

Don’t miss these details and make sure the accessories blend in with the overall look for your wedding.

Tacori Bridal Evening Hair Pin Featured In Bride Wars

Tacori has now released to the public the Tacori Bridal evening hair pin which was specially designed for the movie “Bride Wars”. Anne Hathaway as her character Emma, wore the hair pin in her wedding scenes set in the Plaza Hotel, and it is perfect as the “something blue” for any bride.

This particular Tacori bridal hair pin is a handmade delicate blue flower with a white center. The stone flower is created using faceted jade and looks a little like a “forget-me-not” flower. The five petals are blue jade surrounding a central circle of white jade. The delicately sparkling stamen rising out of the center are cleverly crafted from sterling silver. The flower is set upon a handcrafted and worked solid sterling silver hair pin.

The Tacori wedding hair accessory would look just as fantastic on a bride with an up-do, or with her hair out.

“Something borrowed, something blue, something old, something new.” A great advantage of this type of bridal accessory is the fact that it can instantly become a family heirloom. The gem stones and sterling silver are going to look just as great on your daughter in years to come as the old and borrowed, as they will on you now, new and blue.

Tacori bridal evening hair accessories are also available in other floral designs and colors. There are several 4 petal styles to select from. There is a range of bridal appropriate colors including a very elegant white, crafted from white topaz, mother of pearl and Swarovski crystal. For the bride looking for a little subtle splash of color there is an absolutely exquisite 4 petal flower in a very soft peach created from freshwater pearls and Swarovski crystal.

There is also a white 5 petal flower hair pin extremely similar in design to the featured blue from “Bride Wars”. This flower features white petals made from mother of pearls with a white topaz center and Swarovski crystals for a little subtle sparkle.

As with any Tacori jewelry or Tacori wedding accessory, these hair pins are entirely crafted by hand by qualified artisans in the United States.

Tacori bridal.evening accessories are also available as tiaras, brooches, necklaces, and earrings.

Your Tacori retailer can arrange a special order for the Tacori blue floral bridal hair pin. At the time of publication the price was approximately $93.

The Popularity Of Cartilage Piercing

There is a reason for the current popularity of cartilage piercing, and it’s not necessarily the same reason it has been popular back in our ancestors’ days. Then, it is believed that ear and body piercing was carried out for tribal and religious reasons, when it was generally a mandatory rather than a voluntary means of bodily adornment.

What is Cartilage?

Cartilage is a form of connective tissue formed largely of collagen, with elastin to give it flexibility. Cartilage is the main structural components of your nose, of your ears and of the protective tissue used to absorb the shock experienced by your joints such as the knees. It is tough and elastic, and contains no blood vessels, a fact that will become more important later when we discuss the healing of cartilage piercings.

What Cartilage is Pierced?

The cartilage generally pierced is that in your ears, and to an extent in your nose. However, it is your ears we are concerned with here and there are generally three accepted cartilaginous areas of your ears, namely:

The Helix: the outside part of your ears that curls inwards. This includes the thinner cartilage tissue just beneath it, and was the first form of cartilage piercing carried out by our ancestors. Now it tends to be used for multiple ring piercings, and also for industrial piercings in the form of a double piercing of the helix, one close to the head and the other diametrically opposite, and connected with a long barbell, generally of metal.

The Conch: the sculpted part of your ear inside the helix, and also decorated with single and double piercings such as an orbital, which is two piercings connected by a single piece of jewellery.

The Tragus: a very popular part of your ear for a cartilage piercing. This is the small triangular piece of cartilage jutting out from the entrance to your ear right by your cheekbone. The tragus is commonly decorated with tragus bars or studs in a wide range of materials and designs.

Safety and Healing of Cartilage Piercings

It is very important that your cartilage is pierced by a trained professional, experienced in cartilage piercings. It must be pierced using a needle, because a piercing gun will tear the cartilage tissue and leave a hole that will take a very long time to heal, if it ever does.

As stated earlier, your cartilage has no blood supply, so the components of your immune system have no direct route to the site of any damage or infection. Bacteria will multiply and tissues might rot before your immune system can get to the site to protect them. Guns should therefore be avoided, and needles used to create a hole large enough only to accommodate lower gauge jewellery.

You can increase the gauge later by means of gauging needles, but right now you need the healing process to begin. With cartilage piercing that can take anything up to a year, though 2-4 months is about average.

You should keep the pierced cartilage clean using a salt solution of 1 teaspoon salt per 100ml warm water or a branded antiseptic designed just for piercings. You may experience some pain during the healing process, but once it has healed you will have a platform for some of the most beautiful ear jewellery on the planet.

A cartilage piercing is something you will never regret having done – you will look great and will be able to express your own individuality using the ear jewellery of your choice – a far larger selection than is available for just ear lobes.

Sanskruti Jewellery As The name Same As The Fame

Jewelries provide attraction & the real status of the people in the society if we have fond of these gauderies(ornaments) & we think about the importance of the jewellery then we have to knowledge of the available very reliable splendid jewellery should choose & buy we cannot be ignorant if we at once habituate with homeshop18 television. Imitation jewellery, bangles & all kinds Buy Jewellery from Sanskruti Online
designers welcome to the viewers demand to the humble request can manufacture & export the customer orientation jewels jewellery became very popular & being one of the premium manufacturer exporter& retailer within a short period of time.

No theme that the customer realize to be deceived they always think about the customers satisfaction , offers the consistent quality at a price which gives the best value for money which can accomplish the customers deserve It is an expression to establish trust in the market & by virtue of huge varieties, changing fashion, creative designing, well equipped latest desiration Continuously work has devoted a big contribution to the fa Shion industry .

The prestigious identity of the sanskruti jewel is the Traditional Handmade designs from various patterns which match with the formal, classical & casual suiting.

Suppose to be established in the industry 15 years have been passed & during this period, many tremendous responses are created by the loved people.

We would like to introduce ourselves as Manufacturers of Fashion, Imitation and Indian Ethnic Jewellery with the brand name “Sanskrit Designer Jewellery”. We make all types Jewellery like; Earrings, Bracelets, Bangles, Hair accessories, Necklace- Set, Bridal Jewelers and lots of other types jewellery.

Types of Jewelries
Jewellery Diamond
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Diamond merchants
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Jewellery Showrooms-Tanishq

For these successive responses they have decided a freelance to the customer and form a brand called SANSKRITI DESIGNER JEWELLERY embedded in our historical, cultural and spiritual roots and are one of the most important parts that a woman will cherish all her life. The beautiful maang tikka (worn on hair-line), the dramatic nose ring, beautifully crafted earrings or the jhoomkhas, necklaces with fabulous designs and shapes, slender or armlets, stylish haath phool or rings for each finger connected with dazzling finger rings, tinkling and royal the anklets and payals, attractive toe rings and much more.

Jewellery What Is The Difference Between Antique And Contemporary

If you trace back the history of ladies wearing Jewellery items, you will get amusing facts. Right from the days when ancient mankind lived in caves, beautification was the trick played by the womenfolk, to lure men into loving them and thereby living in comfort and safety of a man. Males had the domination ever since, but succumbed to the tricks of assorted manners played by their counterparts, to keep them always happy and co-operative. Even Womens lib did not eschew wearing Jewellery, but only wanted liberation and freedom from the suppression by males. Thus you can very well see the popularity of Jewellery all over the world.

From the usage of Stones to Iron and from there to other metals like Brass, Copper and Zinc, civilization developed over centuries. Somewhere in the middle, people stumbled upon Gold and Silver and owing to their glittering nature, fondly used them for making innumerable designs of Jewells; and further developed the designs embedded with precious stones. British traditions of wearing Gold Jewellery, as well as Silver Jewellery start from the days of Kings and Nobles prominently. In fact Jewells were symbols of proclaiming ones social status the more Jewells in the womans body meant they are well above the ordinary citizens, and worshipped for their riches.

Gold was a costly metal of course in those days too, but not as costly as we are seeing nowadays. So usage of pure 24 carat Gold and for the purpose of carving and forging Gold Jewellery with Copper blended to make it 22 carat Gold was very liberal, by metal artisans. The basic difference between Antique Gold Jewellery and Contemporary Gold Jewellery starts from this liberal usage of Gold in the olden days and economical usage in Contemporary Gold Jewellery now.

The artistic talent of professionals employed by Designer Gold Jewellery makers and Designer Silver Jewellery makers has never diminished, but forced by circumstances and market conditions, they are put to various pressures in making fashion Contemporary Jewellery. We are living in a fast world and also an enlarged world market for Jewells, compelled to undertake mass-production of Jewells. Here again you can find one more difference of patiently made exquisite carvings and designs in those days, in the Antique Jewellery varieties with the fast selling Contemporary Jewellery items of today.

Another difference is Antique Jewellery items are several times more of value in money, because of their Antique-nature and Gold content, which only the wealthy can afford. You will be amazed to know how some of these Antique Jewellery pieces fetch in International market. Surely those buyers will have to go in for buying some more Evil Eye Jewellery, to stave off the envious looks by unfortunate and not-so-rich women folk. Fun apart, in British customs this sort of Evil Eye Jewellery have wider popularity in sales, and this brings forth yet another difference between Antique and Contemporary Jewellery, where no such items were selling this much earlier.

Different types of Jade jewellery

Jade is very desirable and this is due the fact that it helps to make us think about far away exotic and romantic destinations, thrilling routines, as well as the elegance of the natures natural presents. Nearly everyone has owned a beautiful piece of jade jewellery at some time or another. But if you have not yet acquired jade up to now then you definitely are missing out on a totally beautiful and elegant look as there is an array of stunning designs to be had that has been rafted from this amazing far eastern natural stone. If your favourite piece to wear is earrings, a jewellery necklace or maybe a bracelet you will be able to find a design that suits your desired taste. If you do not have a design crafted from this then now is the time for you to acquire one.

Jade is not only used to produce earrings and bracelets and no longer is it only available to use in shades of green as most of use believe. You are able to find carved and plain pendants, handcrafted earrings and bead bracelets crafted into unique and beautiful designs. You are able to also obtain jade in different colours from pale green to black and every shade in-between. As well, the variations in the type of design of jade jewellery go from funky and fun pieces to traditional pieces whose designs have been crafted in the same way for centuries. You are also able to purchase pieces where this majestic natural stone has been set in precious gold and platinum. There is certainly a jade jewellery design on the market to suit the tastes off everyone.

Types of Jade jewellery

Jade pendants come in many different forms, they can be delicate carved pieces that have been formed into shapes of animals like bears, dolphins, birds, dragons and more. Some of the pendants where hung from gold chains and some sat on leather straps.

Pendants in the shape of ovals, teardrops and circles are delicate and pretty and may be worn simply to compliment the most informal of our outfits to the most classic and formal outfit.

Heart pendants are very romantic and absolutely beautiful and they make the ultimate romantic gift and one of these given as a present for valentines day would be treasured forever by the owner and is the ultimate way to say I love you

You can find many other versions of jade pendants in large and diverse collections. A carved pendant used to be a traditional design but now there are many more contemporary designs on the market where the designer has used this beautiful stone to create pieces that are in the latest fashion trends

Jade earrings as well as the pendants come in a collection of unique and stunning designs and sizes. Many of the earring designs can simply be teamed up with necklaces and pendants creating handmade jewellery sets which can be worn for any social occasions. You are able to find the designs in many designs and sizes and these can be worn on for any event Jade jewellers have not forgotten the bangle. And these jade bangles are simple in design yet elegant and stylish and have been made in the same style for centuries. These designs are worn by both the young and the old and with every type and design of clothing.